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Mother’s Day

Mom. Can you hit it out of the park for her on mother’s day?  I know I myself have a list of things I would love to get. And a list I’d rather not get. Que the kitchen tools list here for me. To be honest it was sweet when I was a younger mom…

But, now I don’t want to be reminded of my duty to make dinner for my mother’s day gift. Make me dinner! Take me out to dinner.  That is just the stage I am at. We all transition and that is fine.

Let’s talk about or own moms. My mom is simple, low key. How to spoil her is still a mystery all these years. I have a few ideas here. Maybe they will help you too.


Gift Ideas

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Personal Care items

-Her favorite hair shampoo.
-Face lotion
-Eye Cream
-Bath bombs

Useful things

-Kitchen tool 🙂
-Gardening supplies
-Summer Dress
-phone accessories
-Car emergency kit
-Gift Card


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Quirky and Fun

-Subscriton Box
-Hobby tools
-Digital Picture Frame

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