Ugh, I haven’t stopped coughing for a week. But I still put together a fall bucket list for my family and created one for you too! Post it to your Instagram story, tag me, and mark off the ones you’ve finished!

One thing that sure wasn’t on our list – this flat tire!

As we were driving down the canyon enjoying the post-hike exhaustion and foliage, a low tire pressure indicator light flicked on. My daughter had just left the car shop earlier this week having her tire pressure values checked because the same indicator had been going on and off, so we thought nothing of it. We continued on our way, stopping at Grandma’s house for a quick hi (and trying to get home after dinner was made – tricky, I know!) but as we were about to leave Grandpa pipes up with “Looks like you aren’t going anywhere!” Lo and behold, the tire was flat. With a giant Franken-sized bolt sticking out.

Where we picked up such a huge bolt we’ll never figure out, but at least the leaves were worth it.

Hopefully we get through the rest of the list without incident.

JennyLyn Little
Owner, Creator, Mom

BTW, we have a ton of Christmas coming into the shop right now. If
youre getting an early jump this year, youre in good company here only 80 days till Christmas. We cant wait!!

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