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I don’t usually do much halloween decorating, but the kids were asking.

So how about these cute Mummies for a win!

What you will need:
3 2×4 cut at different lengths.
mine are 13″, 9″ & 6″ (my little guy is out of a 2×3 it’s what I had)
1 packet of Cheese cloth
Black Craft paint
Paint Brush
Googly eyes

Mummy tutorial…

Step 1:
Paint the blocks (I painted the whole thing but I think next time I would just paint the eye sections so I don’t have to fuss so much with the black showing through the cheese cloth)

Step 2:
Cheese cloth came wrapped on a cardboard. I slipped the cardboard out and then cut it while it was still wrapped up, giving me long strips of mummy wrap. Wrap up your boards sucure with a little white glue.

Step 3: Glue on some googly eyes

Step 4: with a dry brush I dipped a little in the black paint and brushed it all off on some paper and then lightly ran along the edges and across the cheese cloth a few times to make it look not so crisp and white.

That’s it! easy halloween decoration!

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